Rock River Valley Racing Pigeon Club
2022 SnowFest Auction Live!!!

Saturday, November 5th, 2022

Days Inn
2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL


* Online Auction - Followed by a Live Auction *
Birds will be listed online for bidding at for two weeks Prior to the Live Auction

Live Auction Saturday Nov. 5th **
Birds on display at 10:00 am - Auction starts at 12:00 pm sharp

Birds purchased by credit card at the Live Auction
will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.
Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

“All ONLINE Bids as well as Proxy and Auto-bids will be brought to the LIVE Auction.
Each lot will open at the ONLINE bid at the LIVE Auction.”

Special Guest Consigners  ....
Dakota Loft – Scott Bennis – Farmington, MN
Lamons Family Loft – Wes Lamons – Decatur, IN
Nanez Family Lofts – Rick Nanez – Frederic, WI
USALofts – Gerry Lane – Brush Creek, TN
Scott Bennis - Dakota Loft - After 50 years in the sport, and due to health reasons, Scott has made the difficult decision to leave the Sport. Dakota Loft is responsible for 20 AU Elite National Champions and many Long and All Distances National Awards. He has been breeding this family of superior racing pigeons, for over 30 yrs. The family is based on Roosen, Van Elsacker, Desmet Mathys, and Alfons Bowens bloodlines. These champions are bred, born, and raced right here in the U.S.A. They are also responsible for many fancier's success across the country. Numerous race wins, average speeds, and champion bird awards have been accomplished at the club, combine, and even futurity level. This family is tough, long distance based, with a drive to get home, that is rarely seen in racing pigeons families today.
Wes Lamons - Lamons Family Loft - Bred 3rd Place Final Race Winner 2022 Hoosier Classic International Races. Wes Lamons has been in the pigeon sport for 25 years. The results did not happen overnight, as I have spent many years building a super collection of birds. Most of which are the “Best Of GFL” I spend many hours in the loft daily handling and studying my birds so I can find the perfect matings. I have also spent many hrs on the phone and with Mike Ganus himself. I do not consider Lamons Family Loft to be a "breeding farm" but rather a family run operation with top quality birds personally selected to produce foundation breeders for fanciers so that they may also enjoy the fine sport of racing pigeons. I have a modest sized breeding loft that holds approximately 150 birds over the winter months. This number of birds enables me to care for the birds on a daily basis. I have always felt that winners breed winners and their blood is the future of our sport. If there is anything LFL can help you with please feel free to reach out to us.  Facebook
Rick Nanez - Nanez Family Lofts - Ninety percent of our breeding lofts consist of descendants of the Alfons and Helmut Klaas cock “Constans”- responsible for at least 1100 top 10 positions in one-loft and futurity races. The progeny of his grandson “Iron Clad” have produced birds winning 137 top 10 positions in one-lofts. Over 400 syndicates have placed in the top 10 of one-loft races around the world with the inbred/linebred stock bred by NFL. We also have a tight-knit family of Houbens, Kannibaals, Gabys & ‘Wegges’.
Gerry Lane - USALofts - About us here at,: My name is Gerry Lane, founder of I was born and raised on a 300 acre farm in Clarita Oklahoma, I got my first taste for pigeons at the age of 9 years old when I would walk home from school and stop in front of this old man's house who lived just up the road from us who raised and flew birmingham rollers almost every day.
I would sit there sometimes for over 30 min. just looking up in the sky to watch his birds tumble in the air. I was so amazed, One day he was standing out front and asked me "Do you like the pigeons?" I told him "Yes Sir I did", and that I had never seen birds do that in the sky before. The next day he was standing out in front of his house again and asked me if I would like to have a pair for myself, I was so excited and told him "Yes Sir", (Not sure if my folks would even let me keep them)
However, one day while I was at school my father and older brother had built me a little pigeon cage to surprise me when I got home. Over the years I just kept acquiring some of the best rollers I could get my hands on.
After several years I decided one day I was gonna start a white bird wedding release and that's where it all started in the homing pigeons world for me.
In the summer of 2010 I moved to Tennessee with my little family and continued to fly my rollers and had about 20 white racers that I trained 3 or 4 times a week.
I started doing a lot of research on the Internet about Racing Pigeons and wanted to know who has the fastest pigeons around when I came across the names, "Dirk Van Den Bulck" & "Henk Scheffels". Van Den Bulck was known to have the fastest recorded family of pigeons in the world and Henk Scheffels had the fastest recorded in the Netherlands, so, we acquired both families and after a lot of research on breeding we got into what's called a "Skip-Generation". so we purchased grandchildren and Inbred grandchildren off all of the best Van Den Bulck & Scheffel pigeons in the world.
Today we currently have over 40 of the best Dirk Van Den Bulck family of pigeons here in America and 14 Henk Scheffels with several more VDB pigeons on their way.
Our Van Den Bulcks have bred in the last two years over 30 1st place winners and over 55 1st thru 10th place champions. Some of which were bred 1/2 VDB and 1/2 Scheffels. This breeding had been from what we found to be the best cross together for the races and Inbreeding & Line-Breeding for the breeding loft.
We only breed a certain amount of birds a year and let the birds rest for the rest of the year until the end of November where we put selected matings together for the races and for the birds that are to be shipped around the world.
We have selected a group of what we feel is a very nice group of late breds for the RRV "Snowfest 2022" auction. All birds are guaranteed healthy and quality birds.
We wish you all the best in bidding and in the future with our birds.
Thank you, G. Lane

2022 SnowFest Catalog

- Birds are listed online for bidding on for approximately two weeks prior to the Live Auction on Nov. 5th.
-Be our guest, evaluate and handle the birds, visit with our guest consignors, and make your selections of top breeding stock from some of the best quality racing pigeons in the sport at the live auction!!!
-RRV will have a block of 20 rooms reserved at the Days Inn, in Rock Falls, Ill. for those traveling. Call 815 626-5500 and reserve early.
-Andy Warclaw from WM Imports will also be on hand Saturday for your feed needs with Versele-Laga products. Visit for information.

Friday Nov. 4th, Afternoon and Evening ...
3:00 p.m.
at Days Inn --Introduction to consignors. Breakout seminars with our consigners at Days Inn.
-Dennis Kuhn from Pigeon Supplies Plus will be on hand Friday afternoon 3:00-9:00 only with all your supply and loft needs. Save big on shipping! Visit and let Denny know ahead of time on volume orders.

  6:00 p.m. at Days Inn --Social evening. A few select pigeons from the consigners, not available within the main Snowfest sale, will be auctioned exclusively to Friday evening attendees.
***View Friday Night Auction Birds***

 Saturday Nov. 5th Live Auction at Days Inn
2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL
Birds on display at 10:00. Auction to start at 12:00

*Birds purchased by credit card at the Saturday Live Auction will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.* Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

-After the Saturday auction, join us for dinner. Location and time to be announced. Responsible for own meal. Another great social opportunity to meet, visit and discuss the pigeon sport.

-Please plan to attend all these events! We, at RRV, look forward to seeing you at this year's 2022 SnowFest where we are offering some of the best performance racing pigeons in the world!

Request for Phone Bids/Proxys Must be Received by:
10:00 am Central Time, Nov. 5th

For mail and phone bids contact:

Gary Whitebread
17051 Blue Mtn. Rd., Mt. Carroll, IL 61053
Ph. (815) 590-1171

A Brief History of SnowFest

The biggest and best auction in America for over 4 decades!!!!

2022 SnowFest Catalog