Rock River Valley Racing Pigeon Club
2021 SnowFest Auction Live!!!

Saturday, November 6th, 2021

Days Inn
2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL


* Online Auction - Followed by a Live Auction *
Birds will be listed online for bidding at for two weeks Prior to the Live Auction

Live Auction Saturday Nov. 6th **
Birds on display at 10:00 am - Auction starts at 12:00 pm sharp

Birds purchased by credit card at the Live Auction
will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.
Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

“All ONLINE Bids as well as Proxy and Auto-bids will be brought to the LIVE Auction.
Each lot will open at the ONLINE bid at the LIVE Auction.”

Please Read Important Update:
Many of Martin Steffl's birds will not be released from quarantine until Dec. 13th. Although not at the Live auction, these birds will be included in both Online and Live auctions and shipped to buyers after Christmas.

A Brief History of SnowFest

Special Guest Consigners  ....
Oscar DeVries – Winchester, ON
Adam Hajduga – Chicago, IL
Jones Boys – Sandy, UT
Martin Steffl – Germany
Andy Waclaw – Chicago, IL
Oscar DeVries - I am Oscar DeVries, I was born in the Netherlands where the pigeons sport was very popular with great competition. Most cities had multiple clubs and even average sized towns had 1 or 2 clubs. Linda is from Canada and as a young girl raced pigeons with her father, she later raced pigeons on her own. We met about 20 years ago and have since that time flown pigeons together as O&L DeVries. We have enjoyed great success, especially in young birds winning close to 60% of the club races and 33+% of the combine races, also winning opens, Ace pigeons and other championships with the Canadian Racing Pigeon Union, the American Racing Pigeon Union and the Racing Pigeon Digest. 1st Ace Pigeon 2021
Adam Hajduga - The Hajduga Loft was founded 2006 by Adam Hajduga. I am originally from Poland, arrive to USA in 2001. I was always around pigeons, as a young boy I was always visiting my grandfather Jan Hajduga, he was a II WAR veteran from Poland. He was keeping pigeons almost for his entire life as I remember. I think I got those genes from my grandfather, also my father was keeping pigeon. There was nobody else in my family who was keeping pigeons.
My journey, of racing pigeon starts in 2006, as independent flyer. I am a member of Northside Concourse, Lakeview and Greater Chicago Combine member. My first birds were from local flyers from our club. I was very lucky, in my 1st season (2006), I won 1st and 2nd Club and Combine at the 1st 100 mile race Young Bird season. Only 20+ young bird team. It was very memorable season for me as a f1yer as independent flyer. The 2020 season ended up great; the same bird who won my 1st at 100 first race, also won me 2nd place (15K) on Greater Chicago Windy City Classic 350 mile. This bird was RC h 06 Chic 8897.
In following years that RED hen become my foundation hen. She never flew anymore. She bred me 5x 1st place winner in our Club and Chicago Combine. Now her kids and grandkids are foundation at my loft. In 2020 two of her grandkids won 1st at Chicago Combine (2,500 birds).
I did win some monies that year (2006), and I decided to purchase some pigeons. After some researching, I decided to purchase some birds from David Clausing (Houbens). It was the best choice I can have made. Those birds make very big impact in my loft.
Since then, I did win many, many, many 1st Club, Combine, Avr. Speed Young and Old Birds, Champion Loft, Champion Bird. Also, since 2006 I did breed 6 HALL AF FAME and CHAMPION BIRDS in AU (1-10 in ALL USA) for OLD and YOUNG BIRDS.
My 2nd Foundation birds and I think, best bird with I ever own so far is BC h 12 CHIC 4748. She was given to me as a youngster from one of our club members to fly our Club Auction Race. She won 1st at that Club Auction race (300 mile Head wind). She is so beautiful and handles as good as she looks. I decided to keep her in breeding loft. At 1st year of breeding, she bred me two 1st place Combine Winners. As of right now, she bred me seven 1st place winners including (MEGABUCKS) BB c 18 HAJD 806 who won eq. 1st at Final race 350 at Hoosier Classic Million Dollars One Loft Race. I learn from my experience that most Winners breed Winners. All my birds are tested very heavy at the races. This is the best selection of the birds...
My Biggest Wins:
2006 -2nd Windy City Classic
6 times, 1st Prize at Our Club Auction Race Young Birds
2013 – 3rd AU Convention GHC Florida
2014 3rd Windy City Classic
2018 – 1st AU Convention in Chicago
2018 – eq. 1st Hoosier Classic Final Race
The Chicago Greater Combine is one of the most competitive Combine is USA. We have a lot of good flyers in Chicago and I am VERY lucky to be able to compete at the one of the highest levels in USA. We are flying against +3,000 birds and we have +150 members.
Good Luck Everyone!
Jones Boys - Our number one line, and base to the whole Jones Boys Racing Pigeon Breeding Program is our Huskens Van Riel line. My Dad acquired the base of these bird's while visiting my uncle in Whittier California, in 1985.
Our second line of bird's are the Vanloons. We acquired the base to these bird's while attending the Arizona Open Classic in 1998. Brad LaVerne, HapyCo, was having an auction & between my Dad, Grandfather & I, we picked out what has become the foundation of our Vanloon family.
In 2011 we were at the AU Convention, and visited our good friend Dennis Branham. He had at that time acquired an AWESOME group of birds from Gaston Van de Wouwer, the Kaasboer line!! My Dad absolutely fell in love with these birds, and we soon purchased a group from Dennis. They have been a tremendous addition to our stock loft!! Straight bred, or as a cross for both our Vanloon & HVR lines. The three way cross is absolutely phenomenal.
All our birds are raced year in and year out. We fly out to 350 miles in YB's, and 600 miles as yearlings and OB's. We have enjoyed winning Combine UPR Champion loft each of the past 5 years, also winning Combine Champion bird each of those years!! During that time we have won the Great Salt Lake Combine a total of an AMAZING 28 times!! 9 times less than 300 miles, 5 times from 300 miles, 5 times from 350 miles, 2 times from 400 miles, 3 times from 500 miles, and 4 times from 600 miles!! The 500 and 600 mile races all being with Day birds!! We have also had the good fortune of winning a bunch of the top OLR's in the United States, and scoring high in the prizes One Loft Racing around the world.
The group of birds we selected for this auction are of TOP quality, being winners themselves, or Brothers and Sisters to winners we're currently breeding out of.
Thank you for considering our birds to help bring you success, or keep and further the success you're already enjoying.
The Jones Boys, Ray and Ryan Jones!
Martin Steffl - Germany. There are 4 base strains: 1. The old Janssen-strain and the old base breeder “Dark Eijerkamp”. 2. “GOMEZ” and his children and great grandchildren. 3. The “Zillekens-Line”, pigeons for 400 – 800 km in very hard weather. 4. A top breeding daughter of “DE GUST” from Ulrich Lemmens. These are the most remarkable championships won by Martin and Franz in last years (only national and provincial on club level all years champion since 2008!): - 1st provincial champion 2019 with old birds - 1st provincial champion with yearling 2019 - 9th NATIONAL Champion “Die Brieftaube” 2019 - 10th NATIONAL champion “RV-Club Champion of Germany” 2019 - 1st Ace cock in province 2019 - 1st Ace hen in province 2019.  Read More Information
Andy Waclaw - started racing pigeons in the very competitive Greater Chicago Combine, which is now considered as the most competitive combine in USA. In his 23 year racing career, Andy has had great success with his birds on a local level, National level and in One Loft Racing. His birds have performed extremely well for him, as well as others who acquired his stock and had great success.
On top of winning just about everything there is to win in Chicago, his birds won several OLR around the country and a bird he bred “Miss America” holds the best record ever recorded in America for AU Hall of Fame in the young bird category.
Because of the very small breeding team Andy has, his selection for breeders is very very strict. Therefore, increasing the quality of the offspring. We believe that this is a loft we will be seeing a lot more of in the very near future!! Read More

2021 SnowFest Catalog

- Birds are listed online for bidding on for approximately two weeks prior to the Live Auction on Nov. 6th.
-Be our guest, evaluate and handle the birds, visit with our guest consignors, and make your selections of top breeding stock from some of the best quality racing pigeons in the sport at the live auction!!!
-RRV will have a block of 20 rooms reserved at the Days Inn, in Rock Falls, Ill. for those traveling. Call 815/626-5500 and reserve early.

Friday Nov. 5th, Afternoon and Evening ...
3:00 p.m.
at Days Inn --Introduction to consignors. Breakout seminars with our consigners
-Dennis Kuhn from Pigeon Supplies Plus will be on hand Friday afternoon only with all your supply and loft needs. Save big on shipping! Visit and let Denny know ahead of time on volume orders.

  6:00 p.m. at Days Inn --Social evening. A few select pigeons from the consigners, not available within the main Snowfest sale, will be auctioned exclusively to Friday evening attendees.
***View Friday Night Auction Birds***

 Saturday Nov. 6th Live Auction at Days Inn
2105 1st Ave. (Rt.40), Rock Falls, IL
Birds on display at 10:00. Auction to start at 12:00

*Birds purchased by credit card at the Saturday Live Auction will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.* Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

-After the Saturday auction, join us for dinner. Location and time to be announced. Responsible for own meal. Another great social opportunity to meet, visit and discuss the pigeon sport.

-Please plan to attend all these events! We, at RRV, look forward to seeing you at this year's 2021 SnowFest where we are offering some of the best performance racing pigeons in the world!

Request for Phone Bids/Proxys Must be Received by:
10:00 am Central Time, Nov. 6th

For mail and phone bids contact:

Gary Whitebread
17051 Blue Mtn. Rd., Mt. Carroll, IL 61053
Ph. (815) 590-1171

The biggest and best auction in America for over 35 years!!!!

2021 SnowFest Catalog