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2020 SnowFest Auction

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2020 SnowFest Auction Birds
* Online Auction ONLY *

Birds will be listed online for bidding at October 24th thru November 7th

 Since the inception of Snowfest 39 years ago, our club has strived to improve our sport by obtaining birds from the best flyers in the US and the world. We still believe that a live auction is of great benefit to those who are able to attend. By talking to other pigeon flyers new friendships have been created along with sharing of ideas.
Unfortunately with the current rules in place in Illinois of no more than 50 people per event, we will not be having a live auction this year but promise to come back in 2021.

A Brief History of SnowFest

Special Guest Consigners  ....
F & D Lofts – Fred Goodchild - Canada
Top Lofts from Greater Chicago Combine---
  Andy Waclaw, Dani Cicio, Adam Hajduga
Bozo Mladjenovic (Beko Loft)
America’s Dream Loft – Jim Gabler
And maybe some surprises!
F & D Lofts - Fred and Dori Goodchild, Alberta, Canada. F&D Lofts has had pigeons for over 60 years and been racing them since 1961. Fred’s stock loft consists of full brothers and sisters to National Ace pigeons and Ace young birds from several European countries as well as a brother to a South African winner. Fred’s base family is DeRauw/Sablon. The rest is from the best of Thorsten Daum; from Hans Paul Esser’s Olympiad winner; from Rudi Desaer’s winner of Limoges 1st National; birds direct from Chris Debacker’s foundation pair; birds from Sakis/Ludo Clausen inbred back to Supercrack 69 and from the best of Albert Derwa. Fred has won several one loft races such as: the 300 mile Triple Crown (equal first); San Diego Holiday Cup and 2nd Average in the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge. His birds have been “in the money” at the AU Convention races multiple years.
Dani Cicio - Cicio’s Loft was founded back in 2006. Racing pigeons was always my hobby, ever since I was a kid. Back in Romania (my origin place) I had pigeons from a very young age. I moved to US in 2000, and for a period of 6 years I had no pigeons because I was unaware of any pigeon club until one day when I saw a pigeon sign at one store. After that, my pigeon journey never stopped and it is not planning on stopping. Now I fly as a member at West Side Club of CHICAGO COMBINE. My base pigeons are Janssen/Hofken, last 2 years I introduced JELLE ROZIRS birds in my loft kids from JELLE ROZIRS top breeders GUST, OKLAHOMA, WITHY BART, SEVEN, AND OTHERS
Andy Waclaw - I was born in a small town in Poland. Grew up on a small farm where everything we ate was grown. I took interest in pigeons after my brother got a few fancy pigeons from my uncle. I soon got some homers from a neighbor and was hooked. In 1992 at the age of 11 we moved to Chicago and after a few years I built my first coop in my parents garage. I started racing with Chicago Combine in 1998 as a Junior at the age of 16. I'll never forget my first 100 mile race. I took 27th place and filled every hole in the manual clock, leaving no room for master time. I have held just about every job at the club and combine level. I was elected president of the Greater Chicago Combine, Inc. at the age of 32 and still hold this position.
I have won just about everything there is to win in Chicago. My birds have also done very very well for others. While I never entered many birds in the One Loft Races, I always had some level of success. What most people don't know about me is that my breeding team is very small. So it is very difficult for me to send out many birds. For the Snowfest, I will offer a half brother to Miss America, a full sibling to the mother of Miss America and a few grandchildren. Read More
Adam Hajduga - The Hajduga Loft was founded 2006 by Adam Hajduga. I am originally from Poland, arrive to USA in 2001. I was always around pigeons, as a young boy I was always visiting my grandfather Jan Hajduga, he was a II WAR veteran from Poland. He was keeping pigeons almost for his entire life as I remember. I think I got those genes from my grandfather, also my father was keeping pigeon. There was nobody else in my family who was keeping pigeons.
My journey, of racing pigeon starts in 2006, as independent flyer. I am a member of Northside Concourse, Lakeview and Greater Chicago Combine member. My first birds were from local flyers from our club. I was very lucky, in my 1st season (2006), I won 1st and 2nd Club and Combine at the 1st 100 mile race Young Bird season. Only 20+ young bird team. It was very memorable season for me as a f1yer as independent flyer. This season ended up great; the same bird who won my 1st at 100 first race, also won me 2nd place (15K) on Greater Chicago Windy City Classic 350 mile. This bird was RC h 06 Chic 8897.
In following years that RED hen become my foundation hen. She never flew anymore. She bred me 5x 1st place winner in our Club and Chicago Combine. Now her kids and grandkids are foundation at my loft. Even this year 2020 two of her grandkids won 1st at Chicago Combine (2,500 birds).
I did win some monies that year (2006), and I decided to purchase some pigeons. After some researching, I decided to purchase some birds from David Clausing (Houbens). It was the best choice I can have made. Those birds make very big impact in my loft.
Since then, I did win many, many, many 1st Club, Combine, Avr. Speed Young and Old Birds, Champion Loft, Champion Bird. Also, since 2006 I did breed 6 HALL AF FAME and CHAMPION BIRDS in AU (1-10 in ALL USA) for OLD and YOUNG BIRDS.
My 2nd Foundation birds and I think, best bird with I ever own so far is BC h 12 CHIC 4748. She was given to me as a youngster from one of our club members to fly our Club Auction Race. She won 1st at that Club Auction race (300 mile Head wind). She is so beautiful and handles as good as she looks. I decided to keep her in breeding loft. At 1st year of breeding, she bred me two 1st place Combine Winners. As of right now, she bred me seven 1st place winners including (MEGABUCKS) BB c 18 HAJD 806 who won eq. 1st at Final race 350 at Hoosier Classic Million Dollars One Loft Race. I learn from my experience that most Winners breed Winners. All my birds are tested very heavy at the races. This is the best selection of the birds...
My Biggest Wins:
2006 -2nd Windy City Classic
6 times, 1st Prize at Our Club Auction Race Young Birds
2013 – 3rd AU Convention GHC Florida
2014 3rd Windy City Classic
2018 – 1st AU Convention in Chicago
2018 – eq. 1st Hoosier Classic Final Race
The Chicago Greater Combine is one of the most competitive Combine is USA. We have a lot of good flyers in Chicago and I am VERY lucky to be able to compete at the one of the highest levels in USA. We are flying against +3,000 birds and we have +150 members.
Good Luck Everyone!
Bozo Mladjenovic (Beko Loft) - I was Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I Grew up raising pigeons with my father and we had high flyers. I came to the US twenty years ago and within two to three years, I started raising my own pigeons. I have been a member of the Lakeview Pigeon Club in Chicago for the past 15 years. I have a few results from races but my favorite and most memorable was when my daughter and I won first place three weeks in a row with the same pigeon. This year I won second place in the South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race.
America's Dream Loft - Jim Gabler - More information to come

2020 SnowFest Catalog

Birds will be listed online at
October 24th thru November 7th

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