Rock River Valley Racing Pigeon Club
2016 SnowFest Auction

Live Auction - Saturday, November 5th, 2016

Arnie's Happy Spot
Deer Grove, Ill.
Approximately 10 miles South of Rock Falls
on Route 40

2016 SnowFest Auction Birds
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Live Auction Saturday Nov. 5th *
Birds on display at 10:00 am - Auction starts at 12:00 pm sharp

Birds purchased by credit card at the Live Auction
will be charged a 3.5% transaction fee.
Credit extended by the RRV Club with prior approval only.

A Brief History of SnowFest

Special Guest Consignors  ....
Herbots Brothers – Halle-Booienhoven, Belgium
Kobe & Kato Herbots - Velm, Belgium
Ulrich Lemmens – Balen, Belgium
Ivo Renders – Geel, Belgium
Sandstrom Brothers – St. Paul, Minnesota
Bart and Nance Van Oeckel – Oud-Turnhout, Belgium
Herbots Bros. - Winning isn’t everything….the desire to win is!!! Therefore, each year the Herbots team seek out those top pigeons who can give their breeding loft a serious “boost”. All are in search for that one white, blackbird who hasn’t just delivered the amazing performances, but will also astonish everyone with its beauty. It is with pride that the Herbots can report success in making some top additions. Pigeons like “New Belgium Pride” 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2015, “King of Sprint” 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Sprint Yearling 2015, “Fenomenale Chateauroux” 1st Nat. Chateauroux and fastest of 29,746b, and “Barcelona Dream” 2nd Nat. Barcelona 2015 against 7,791b. Couple that with the likes of “Yvan”, Herbot’s top breeder, 1st Nat Ace pigeon KBDB ½ Fond 2009, and one can say they are loaded with superior genetics in their breeding lofts for their customers and for our 2016 Snowfest sale.
Kobe & Kato Herbots - Velm, Belgium. Probably one of the best young bird race teams the last 3 years in whole Belgium. - Kobe & Kato … what started a few years ago as an educational experience, a useful hobby, grew out, in only a short period of time, to a top colony. A lot of eyes turned in the direction of Velm … Kobe & Kato, the children of veterinarian Raf Herbots, started to race with pigeons. People talked and laughed about it … but who knew Kobe, knew that he had the “pigeon fancier blood” … a gift, an inherited quality? We often saw him pass at the hiving table, accompanied by his grandfather Filip. But … would they be able to succeed in Velm, their home town?
It turned out to be a great challenge, but with class, knowledge, quality and the winner’s mentality this just had to be a success! On short time, Raf took control and made sure that they had a “golden team”, the lines were drawn, the team operated under his direction and together with son Kobe and good friend Jef Reynaerts the team caused fireworks the last few years. Read More
Herbots Kobe - Velm
Current YB Results from Herbots Kobe and Kato by Day/Month
Herbots Kobe & Kato  - The Last Three Years
Ulrich Lemmens - Balen, Belgium. One of Belgium’s pigeon racing sensations, at 29 years of age!! In 2014 he won the KBDB in the Long-Middle distance Old Bird Championship. Children and grandchildren of some of his best breeders will be in this sale. Key breeders for Ulrich include “De Gust”, 06 Belg 6087309, 1st Provincial, Bourges, 2,099 pigeons, and 7th National, 15,877 pigeons, 1st National Zone Limoges, 2,569 pigeons and 16th National vs 11,995 pigeons; “Jozefien”, 12 Belg 6036013, granddaughter of “De Gust”, 1st National Tulle, 6,974 yearlings and 1st fastest vs 14,307 pigeons with a 13 minute lead; and “Brother De Gust” 08 Belg 6191551, sire of the 7th National Ace pigeon sprint old birds KBDB 2013. We welcome back Ulrich again this year for Snowfest 2016 !!!
Ivo Renders - One of Belgium’s Best Kept Secrets. Ivo Renders lives in Geel, Belgium. Like many Belgian fanciers he started racing his pigeons on the traditional short distance races - vitesse - since 1973 he has raced at this distance with excellent results. In 2010 he decided to start racing also on the popular middle distance - and what a magnificent start it was - after only 2 seasons he found himself in the top of region Antwerp. 2013 KBDB – 8th Provincial Champion Old Birds GMD, 11th National Champion Yearlings GMD, 2013 National Montlucon 564 Km, 1,2,3,6…..11/14 4,106 yearlings, Zone B2, 13,47,52,76….21,827 yearlings National. This fine family of pigeons are built from pigeons of Raf & Lars Luyckx (Geel), Jos Wouters (Heist o/d Berg), Hok Puts (Lichtaart), Gust Steemans (Herselt), Michiel Vandoninck (Meerhout) and Kris Wynants (Geel).
Sandstrom Brothers - has been successfully competing in the most difficult one loft races across the country for over 10 years. Their breeding pairs have been carefully selected based on performance in one loft/futurity races. They have 19 main breeding pairs and send out every youngster bred from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounds. This high level of competition has helped them create a world class family of pigeons. Their families of pigeons are Jan Aarden based; which began with their foundation Jan Aarden cock – “De Arden”. “De Arden” was bred by Crazy Al; his parents were acquired from Robert Venus – ‘De Dolle’ line. Through careful selection and trial breeding, the Sandstrom Brothers have crossed in some of the most prolific strains that are winning today. They have achieved outstanding results with the addition of the “Alfons Klaas” pigeons. We welcome back Chad again this year!!.
Bart and Nance Van Oeckel - Fortified with the bloodlines of LB Geerinckx and “Mr.Blue” of Pieter Veenstra, the Van Oeckels have seen tremendous success. “Zwarten Diament” has proven to be an invaluable breeder for Bart and Nance producing such notables as “Miss Poznan” 1st Olympiade pigeon KDBD 2010 Cat. C, and also father of “F16” 1st Nat. La Souterraine vs.20,124b, 5th Nat. Bourges vs. 24,676b and 4th Olympiade pigeon Nitra 2012 Cat C. “Leo Diamant” scored a 2nd Nat. Issoudan vs. 11,972b while “Super II” won a 3rd Nat. Argenton vs. 11,223b this spring 2016. We can expect outstanding pigeons backed by outstanding performance from Bart and Nance at the 2016 Snowfest sale and welcome them to our sale.
Key birds related to birds in the auction. Look for these in the pedigrees of the sale birds.
BE05-6054296, BE05-6453223, BE08-6031114, BE09-6107016, BE09-6349640,
BE09-6350470, BE11-6126022, BE11-6126250, BE12-6130581, BE12-6130638,
BE12-6130672, BE12-6318216
Results - Children of F16
Results - Children of Zwarte Diamant
Results - Grandchildren of F16
Results - Grandchildren of Zwarte Diamant

2016 SnowFest Catalog

- Birds will be listed online at 2 weeks prior to the live sale.

-Be our guest, evaluate and handle the birds, visit with our guest consignors, and make your selections of top breeding stock from some of the best quality racing pigeons in the sport at the live auction!!!

-RRV has a block of rooms reserved at the Days Inn, Rock Falls, IL for people traveling. To get the discounted room price of $72.99 plus tax, Reservations Must Be Made Before October 1st. Call 815 626-5500 for reservations.

Friday Nov. 4th, 2016 Events
Days Inn--Rock Falls, IL

Friday Afternoon and Evening ...
1:00 p.m. Introduction to consignors, round table discussions with consignors, appetizers, silent auction items on display, free time for attendees for dinner, etc.
6:00 p.m. Guest Speaker: Dr. Raf Herbots speaking about pigeon sickness, and schedules for racing molting and breeding, Drawing for 50/50 raffle winner, Auction of Friday night birds donated by consignors plus 2 additional birds donated by Dick De Leeuw of the Netherlands, Winners of silent auction items announced.

Saturday Nov. 5th
Live Auction at Arnie's Happy Spot, Deer Grove.
Birds on display at 10:00. Auction to start at Noon.

-Dennis Kuhn from Pigeon Supplies Plus of Minnesota will be on hand at the Saturday live auction with all your supply and loft needs. Visit and let him know ahead of time on volume orders. Save big on shipping!

6:00 p.m. After the auction, join us for dinner, ordering off the menu, at the Candlelight Inn, Rock Falls, IL. Responsible for own meal. Another great opportunity to celebrate, meet, and visit.

-Please plan to attend all these events! We at RRV look forward to serving you at this year's 2016 SnowFest with some of the best performance racing pigeons in the world!

Printed Catalogs, Mail and Phone Bids

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Ph. (815) 441-4601

Other Contacts:
Gary Whitebread (815) 590-1171
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Doug Harms (815) 535-5205

The biggest and best auction in America for over 30 years!!!!

2016 SnowFest Catalog