Class, knowledge, quality …. Winner’s mentality

Kobe & Kato … what started a few years ago as an educational experience, a useful hobby, grew out, in only a short period of time, to a top colony? A lot of eyes turned in the direction of Velm … Kobe & Kato, the children of veterinarian Raf Herbots, started to race with pigeons. People talked and laughed about it … but who knew Kobe, knew that he had the “pigeon fancier blood” … a gift, an inherited quality? We often saw him pass at the hiving table, accompanied by his grandfather Filip. But … would they be able to succeed in Velm, their home town?

It turned out to be a great challenge, but with class, knowledge, quality and the winner’s mentality this just had to be a success! On short time, Raf took control and made sure that they had a “golden team”, the lines were drawn, the team operated under his direction and together with son Kobe and good friend Jef Reynaerts the team caused fireworks the last few years. 

Let’s go through the last 3 top years

2013 was a record year; with outliers and every week they scored a top 5 place on the local field with the national young pigeons, what is great for a young colony. They have top pigeons, like the “super one” 610-13, flagged down as 4 Nat As des As LCB, with victories from Soissons, Momignies, but also 44 Nat Argenton 19303p. … Eliane 535-13 with a 100% result on the nationals (6/6) coming from little devil do all Jef Reynaerts.

2014 was more than a confirmation!!

This youthful tandem (front Limburg on the shortest distance) came to the hiving local “Trudo Sint-Truiden”, the largest hiving local of the province of Limburg and repeatedly in the top 5 of hiving locals for young pigeon races.
What the tandem achieved in 2014 was phenomenal!

Bourges I: with “nodding knees” Kobe appeared to the hiving table of Bourges. With soft hands he handed his racing team, they were good, his father Raf affirmed this, everything was as it was supposed to be, but if they would perform? … they could only wait and see.
And what a top performance was delivered!!

Without a doubt, this was one of the top colonies on the nationals for young pigeons; we dare to ask the question … “who did better??”

2015: confirm once again!!

Please note, there is only played with youngsters, that means starting all over again every year. Were they able to gather enough class to shine once again? The answer is YES with 15 x 1 and various top scores on the national races.

2016: more confirmation:

3 interprovincial ace pigeon ybird on the national races +/- 1000 lofts

Bourges 1874yb: 5 6 7 8

Argenton 993 yb : 1 3 5 7 9 12

Chateauroux 566 yb 7 9 16 17 21