Welcome to the Rock River Valley Racing Pigeon Club Website

This club has been in existence since approximately 1945. The purpose of this club is to promote the sport of breeding and racing of homing pigeons by conducting and joining with others in worthy efforts to elevate this sport to the highest plane of sportsmanship, competition, honor, and fair dealing.

The current club officers are as follows: President, Gary Whitebread; 
Vice President, Doug Harms; Secretary, Patricia Kelsey; Treasurer, Steve Calsyn; Race Secretary, Steve Calsyn.

For both the Old Bird Season and the Young Bird Season we fly club, and combine races.

The RRV Club competes in the Corn Country Combine which consists of our club, and the Moline Racing Pigeon Club.

The RRV club members also participate in handling out of area birds and racing in the Corn Country Classic Race.

Many prestigious auctions such as the Campbell Strange Auction in Chicago have been held by our club. Each fall we continue to hold our annual SnowFest auction for which we bring in birds from all across the United States and Europe from the most successful and brightest breeders in the sport. The true sportsmanship, fellowship, and competition found in our club will rival any club in the United States.

We welcome you to visit our website often and ask you to encourage others to do the same.